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Mezinárodní zkoušky Cambridge English

If you are planning or considering passing international exams Cambridge English First (FCE), but would like to be sure of its success Attend our special preparatory course.

Cambridge English: First (FCE)

This is a targeted training to learn tips on how to cope with an overview of traps and pitfalls that you can to wait for tests. Or how to deal with situations where not all understand. With our experienced lecturer discussing grammatical grippers, disassembled and texts can talk to.

Teaching is 1x 90 minutes per week under the guidance of an experienced native speaker.

To determine your current proficiency, please complete our test: 

Online English test

Language courses FCE himself in the most automatically follow from the first semester and in II. semester. In the event of vacancies, can join the course at any time during the year.


    Angličtina - termíny a ceny kurzů na I.semestr 2018/19 (od 8.10.2018 - 31.1.2019) Pro rezervaci označte zvolený kurz a níže vyplňte povinné údaje přihlášky. Příprava k FCE (extra training) FCE (B2) ..... pondělí ...... 90 minut ..... 16:45 - 18:15 ....... 3.590,- Kč ........ 4 místaFCE (B2) ..... středa ........ 90 minut ..... 16:45 - 18:15 ....... 3.590,- Kč ........ 3 místa Prázdniny (I.semestr od 8.10. - 31.1.2019): 17.12.2018 - 3.1.2019 Prázdniny (II.semestr od 18.2. - 27.5.2019): 19.-22.4. (velikonoční), 1.5. (státní svátek), 8.5. (státní svátek) Mám zájem o objednání/zakoupení učebnice v ceně 390 Kč Již jsem byl/a student/ka JŠ Amigas v hotovostibankovním převodemvoucheremVIP karta Amigas (hotovost nebo bank. převod)
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    Excerpt from the conditions of study – English language courses:

    Students signed a binding only after payment of a deposit of 500, – CZK or the entire amount for a particular course. Until then, have priority before paying students. For payment by bank transfer to the date of payment shall be the date of crediting the account of the tuition. For payment voucher number the day of receipt of the purchased voucher.

    The whole course fee is due within 5 days of check-in the summer courses at least 7 days before the start of a particular course for semester courses, then at the latest 21.09 (On I.semestr) to 17.1. (On II.semestr). For payment the same day they prefer students who have previously ordered course. If during the school year at any rate always stated vacancy, you can meet at the level of the course to join at any time.

    Conditions for canceling the course and refund the course fees are as follows: 

    Summer courses:

    a) Cancellation of the course until the start of the course – a cancellation fee of 50% of the tuition fee. 
    b) Cancellation rate after the beginning of classes – cancellation fee: full amount of tuition.

    Semester Courses:

    a) Cancellation rate to 19.9. (I.semestr) to 23.1. (II.semestr) – cancellation fee: 50% of the tuition fee.

    b) Cancellation rate of 19.9. to 10.2 (I.semestr), from 23.1. to 30.1. (II.semestr) – cancellation fee: 70% of the tuition fee.

    c) Cancellation rate after the beginning of classes – cancellation fee: full amount of tuition.

    The student always has the right to send a substitute for himself. Absence for student teaching does JŠ Amigas any financial or other compensation. For serious reasons, can occasionally arrange transfer to a similar course, if the vacancy.

    JS Amigas reserves the right to change the courses and also reserves the right to cancel the course, or part thereof. If there is a change in course or withdraw, the student will be informed immediately and will be subsequently offered another possible option. In case of cancellation of the course language school backups and all payments are returned to students (max. 30 days period).

    English language courses are held at: Moravian us. 4 (at Scala).