Teaching and entertainment in post-secondary courses at a language school Amigas

The teaching of English may not be a passive session of the textbook and memorizing vocabulary in our language school Amigas know all students.

This is true not only for the afternoon and evening courses for adults, but also for the popular one-year post-secondary studies. 

Distribution of teaching a week at the school

Students in our post-secondary courses have a teaching week is divided into 3 phases.

In the first stage of preparing for international exams Cambridge English, which seems to be more advantageous than ready for the Czech state exam. This is recognized only in the Czech Republic, but not internationally.

In another part of the week focus on maximum enrichment of vocabulary and the ability to communicate using a special chat Callan Method.

The third part of the week include conversations and activities with native speakers.

It is the toil connected with entertainment

Why is this separation and combining lecturers and methods at our school so popular and in demand for several years? Anyone who logs on to our post-secondary studies, has its own ideas, goals and expectations.

Someone wants to get an international certificate in order to go further study. Others want to improve their language skills, but they have fun and meet new friends. Another knows exactly why they want to study and have angličinu good.

After completion of post-secondary studies they become successful employees, students and entrepreneurs. Satisfy the requirements of all these young people is not easy, so the combination of the Callan Method, a conversation with a native speaker and thorough preparation for examinations become a winner for all.

For every one week of study, students will do a great job, but also to have fun and enjoy yourself plenty of entertainment.

Teaching in real situations

As evidence that boredom in our school and certainly not at the same time honest and works hard to improve your English, our videos are filmed pomauritních students. Result of the “video” speaks for itself. Great shows how training can be fun in English and encourage students’ creativity. Art to use English in practice in our students, judge for yourself:

Video 1 (Miami)

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trT6SljWSGA

Video 2 (Las Vegas)

Video 3 (Sydney)

Application for post-secondary studies in the academic year 2019/20 can be found here:  https://amigas.cz/pomaturitni-studium-prihlaska/