Individual language courses 

„lessons to fit your needs“

Individual lessons are prepared to meet the needs of our student and in general it is the most popular and effective type of lessons.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit our courses that are at set times, we can prepare an individual study plan for you according to your needs and ideas at the time an intensity that is the most effective for you.

We offer courses in – English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Russian, for all levels including preparing for graduation or international exams of Cambridge English, D.E.L.E., C.I.L.S., DELF, DALF etc.

Individual lessons are suitable for:

  • Individuals (adults and children)

  • Groups of up to 6 people

  • Both beginners and advanced students

  • For clients with special time requests

  • For those who have a specific idea about their study plan

  • For those who wish to reach maximum results in a minimum of time


  • An individual approach

  • You can focus on the parts of the language that you need

  • The method and topics are based on your requests

  • The pace of the lessons is based on your skills and knowledge

  • You can choose the time and the intensity of the course (morning, afternoon, evening)

  • The length is also according to your options

  • If the lesson is cancelled 24 hours in advance, it is not charged


  • In our classrooms

  • Where you choose (at home, in your company etc.)


  • Experienced and tested lecturers and tutors

  • You can choose between Czech or native speakers


  • A single lesson is 45 or 60 minutes long (the recommended overall length is 60-90 minutes)

  • Price for 45 minutes: 290-390 CZK depending on the number of students, location, focus and number of lessons ordered.

  • Price for 60 minutes: 390-550 CZK

  • The price depends on your level, the type of lecturer (Czech lecturer or native speaker)

  • In the lessons do not take place in our classrooms, the price includes the transport to the location of the lessons

  • The minimum number of ordered lessons is 10

  • Registration: If you are interested in this type of courses, contact us at tel.: 734 443 808 or visit us a tour office on the 1st floor at Moravské náměstí 4 (next to the cinema Scala) or send your request by e-mail including the following information:

  1. Which language you are interested in.

  2. What is the estimated level of the current students (our tests can help determine this).

  3. Which type of course you are interested in (conversation/grammar/business/preparing for exams).

  4. If you are interested in a Czech or native speaker.

  5. When you would like the courses to begin.

  6. How many lessons you would like to order (minimum of 10).

  7. How many times a week you would like to have lessons.

  8. How long you would like each lesson to be (60 minutes, 90 minutes or more).

  9. Which topics should be a part of the lessons (general, travel, business …).

  10. The location of the lessons (including the exact address).

  11. Number of groups and individuals.

  12. Which days and what time work best for you (days and times).

  13. Type of payment (cash, money transfer, an invoice to the company, benefit systems such as Benefit Plus or Sodexo).

  14. Contact name and phone number.

  15. Any other relevant information or details.