Do you receive employee benefits?

Does your employer pay for your courses in the form of benefits? In our school you can use these vouchers that you receive from your employer or you can send an order directly from our online system. Of course, we will give you a regular invoice for the chosen course, all we need is your billing information (name and surname of student, name and address of the company, IČ – identification number, DIČ).

Poukázky sodexo Poukázky sodexo Poukázky sodexo Poukázky sodexoIn our language school you can pay using the Sodexo Pass, that means employee benefits = Sodex paper vouchers: Flexi pass, Family pass, Gift pass, Bonus pass, Fokus pass.

We also accept benefits from the company Benefit plus. All you need to do is send us an order directly in the online system and state your name, surname + language course or individual course you are interested in. We will then send you a confirmation e-mail.

It is also possible to pay for your lessons with other gift cards or discount cards that you may receive from your family, employer or business partners.

It is not possible to apply other discounts while using employee benefits. The only exceptions are the discount “student Amigas” and “V.I.P.”card where the price of English or Spanish Callan Method courses is reduced from 4290 CZK to 3650 CZK.

It is necessary to inform us in advance when you wish to pay for individual or company courses using benefits. You can choose from English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Russian courses.

To find out your current level, please take the online test.

Why use your benefits in our language school?

  • If you have a certain limit of benefits we can create a course in the length that is suitable for you
  • You can also decide to have courses with a colleague from work and get them for “half the price”
  • If you need to use your benefits before a certain date, you can choose a course and pay for it in advance but the course can start during the next semester (up to 12 months after the payment)
  • You can use your benefits for individual lessons or for lessons for you family members

If you are not sure if we accept the type of vouchers that you have do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone, or in person at Moravské náměstí 4, Brno. We will be happy to inform you.