Company lessons – courses „made to fit“

your companies or institutions needs

We offer courses for companies and institutions, which adapt to your time and study preferences and meet your needs as much as possible.

Based on the focus of you company we can prepare not only general language lessons, but also specific topics for managers, directors, administrative and other workers.

Types of company courses:

„One to one“ individual lessons

  • After a professional consultation we will prepare courses that will meet the requirements of individuals

Standard lessons

  • Company lessons in general English – we focus on developing your overal English skills (conversation, grammar, reading, writing, listening)
  • You can choose from English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Russian
  • The number of groups is not limited, we recommend a maximum of 8 people per group (i tis better for conversation activities which require using the language actively)

Professional lessons

  • Professional language lessons chosen by the requirements of our client (law, economy, business)
  • These lessons are usually made for certain departments

The price includes:

  • Entrance tests and interviews
  • Dividing the students based on the European language guidelines
  • Finding out the needs of the company
  • Recommendations on how to make language studying more effective
  • Preparing study materials
  • Organizing the schedule based on the requirements of the company
  • Preparing a study plan based on the needs and the level of the students
  • Individual solutions for managers and directors
  • Preparing everything to start the lessons
  • Following the attendance of students and the studied topics
  • Regular consultations with the lectureres
  • Regular testing to check the quality of the lessons,the knowledge of the students and evaluating the students

The price does not include:

  • Study materials
  • Fees for international certificates


  • In the company
  • In our classrooms


  • Experienced and tested lecturers
  • Based on your requests – Czech lecturers or native speakers

PAYMENT: a lesson takes 45 or 60 minutes (the recommended length altogether is 60-90 minutes), the price is set based on the number of groups, individuals, the location of the lessons and the number of ordered lessons, if the payments are individual or once a month and the minimum number of ordered lessons is 10.


If you are interested in more details about courses for your company, please contact us at 734 443 808 or visit our office on the 1st floor at Morávské náměstí 4 ( next to the cinema Scala) or send us you requirements by email should contain the following information:

  1. Which language you are interested in.
  2. What is the estimated level of the current students (our tests can help determine this).
  3. Which type of course you are interested in (conversation/grammar/business/preparing for exams).
  4. If you are interested in a Czech or native speaker.
  5. When you would like the courses to begin.
  6. How many lessons you would like to order (minimum of 10).
  7. How many times a week you would like to have lessons.
  8. How long you would like each lesson to be (60 minutes, 90 minutes or more).
  9. Which topics should be a part of the lessons (general, travel, business …).
  10. The location of the lessons (including the exact address).
  11. Number of groups and individuals.
  12. Which days and what time work best for you (days and times).
  13. Type of payment (cash, money transfer, an invoice to the company, benefit systems such as Benefit Plus or Sodexo).
  14. Contact name and phone number.
  15. Any other relevant information or details.