Teaching and language courses

English, Spanish, Italian and French

in Brno

AMIGAS school is among the biggest language school in Brno.  If you are looking for quality and reliable language school for both general language courses for the public and one-year daily post-secondary education, then you’re in the right place. 

As the only language school in Brno are opening up to 12 levels of English courses special Callan method, dozens of courses in Spanish, Italian and  6-9 levels of post-secondary courses in English (from level A0 – C1). Our students can obtain student status and three different certificates .

Teaching languages ​​using the Callan Method

Want to learn a new language or improve the lot of their expertise? We will be happy to help. You can choose from the following languages: English, Spanish,  Italian  and French , German and Russian . We are a modern, high-quality language school operating in the field of language teaching for 17 years.

As the only company in Brno teach language courses in English and Spanish  specific global conversation Callan method.  Thanks to her, it is another hour, intensive and effective. At our school you can learn up to 4 times faster! 

One more year student

We have also included in the list of educational institutions offering courses in one year with daily lessons according to Act 117/1995 Coll. and Decree 19/2014. Seniors and have our post-secondary studies guaranteed student status. Want to know more? Download our free e-book.

Now we are written into all general and post-secondary language courses!

Language school Amigas, Brno, post-secondary studies, language courses

Our great and personable team consists of experienced carefully selected and constantly training teachers and lecturers in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. It also enthusiastic travelers who have visited many dozens of countries around the world.

They have a huge and irreplaceable experience with communication between people of different nations. Can your knowledge with enthusiasm to pass other language courses in post-secondary studies even when individual and corporate teachings. Bored in our courses certainly will not.

The language school AMIGAS you really learn

We know how to communicate in English  with the natives in Indonesia, Africa or the Pacific Islands. Just as with traders in Australia, managers in America and with officials at the Ministry in the Sultanate of Oman.

We will advise you how to communicate freely with the Japanese tourist on his new camera, or is shrouded beduínkou for its camel farm. Thanks to our language courses, you will be able to talk with the head-hunters grandson about his grandfather successful, but also to seek work in the Spanish Queen , the White House or the Kremlin in Russia.

Penetrate with us not only in grammar and system of functioning of the language, but you will be able to use both formal and informal phrases. Currently, you can react to unusual situations and know the mentality and customs of the locals. Quality language school Brno , it is AMIGAS .

International language exams in English and Spanish with us can do

In the morning post-secondary studies in general afternoon classes to prepare for a seamless composition of British international exams Cambridge English: Key (KET), Preliminary ( PET ) and First ( FCE ) and we are one of the few in Brno, which offers preparation for the Spanish international exams B2 ( DELE Intermedio ) and C2 (DELE Superior).

German Zertifikat Deutsch Mittelstufe, Oberstufe French DELF and DALF and Italian CILS no exception.

English and Spanish courses, post-secondary courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced language school Amigas, Brno