Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it necessary to take the allocation online Amigas tests?

Yes, it will help you find the right course for your level. The groups are then more balanced, the students have a similar level and this way we can avoid later transfers between groups. This is why we strongly recommend to stay at the “suggested level” based on the results of the test.

Who can receive a student status?

Only those who have graduated this year and will be attending post-secondary courses (4 lessons 5 days a week). If it has been a year or more from your graduation, you can still study post-secondary courses, however, you will not have a student status.

Not in our language school or any other language school in the Czech Republic. As for general courses of 90 minutes per week, there is no possibility to receive a student status.

Graduates can receive a student status even if they sign up later for the studies, that is until the 31st of December of the year in which they graduated. If the student does not graduate successfully, they can still attend post-secondary classes and receive a student status once they have successfully graduated.

Who can attend false beginner courses?

Those who have been studying a language for a number of years but always start from the beginning. In these courses we do not teach complete basics such as numbers, colors, family members etc.

Who can attend post-secondary courses?

All young people from the age of 17 but also adults of any age. Not only students who have graduated this year can study here but also those who are working, studying university or currently unemployed. But for those who have graduated this year, they will automatically receive a student status and all the benefits that come with it.

What is the Callan Method?

This method is based on the simple principle of asking questions and giving long answers that are designed to help you learn the language. The lecturer leads a controlled conversation and asks questions to which the students answer.

The students are “forced” to speak English right from the first lesson. Also, all the lessons are repeated so many times that each students understands all the questions even at a very fast pace.

Who are the Callan Method courses suitable for?

The Callan Method is suitable for all types of students and for all purposes, we have had great results with children, students or older individuals all the way to the Cambridge English First (FCE) level. Advanced students will learn how to speak and remove any fear of using a foreign language.

How many students are in each group in Amigas?

Even today there are schools which have 15 students per group in their courses. The maximum for our students is 6-10 people. As for post-secondary courses, the Ministry of Education allows the maximum of 18 students, most of our post-secondary classes have between 12-16 students.

Can I visit a “sample lesson” before I decide on a course?

In our language school unfortunately not. The main reason is the number of students in our groups where there is usually not extra space for sample lessons in our courses. Another reason is the quality of our lessons, in the past 100% of those who visited a sample lesson decided to visit our courses. Our lecturers are experienced, professional and carefully chosen.

Can I order my books at your school?

Yes, you will receive a 10% discount and it is easy and convenient.

If I am ill or on holiday and cannot attend my course, is it possible to visit a different one instead?

Unfortunately this is not possible. But you can send a replacement instead of you, we recommend this especially in case of a longer absence.

Where can I find information about what was studied at my course in case I was not able to attend it?

If you cannot attend your lesson, you must ask your fellow students about the materials from that lesson. Lecturers or our assistants are not able to inform everyone individually given the number of courses and students we have.

But in case of a longer absence, please contact our office and we will speak to your lecturer and send you the information right away.

Do lessons take place even during public holidays?

In our general and post-secondary courses no. As for company and individual courses it depends on the agreement between the lecturer and the students.

What happens if our lecturer is ill?

We will find a substitute lecturer for the lesson. If this is not possible we will inform you by sms that the lesson has been cancelled and an alternative date will be chosen.

Can I transfer between two courses during the semester?

It is usually not possible. But if you feel as though you are the weakest student in the group or the best one, please contact our office. But thanks to our allocation tests the groups are usually well balanced and transfers are generally not necessary.

What if my course is cancelled in the second semester?

This may occasionally happen, not all students are committed to their studies in the long run. If there are not enough students at the chosen time of your course, we will offer you alternative courses.

Is it possible to open our course in the following year with the same classmates?

Yes, it is quite common. If at least 5 students agree to continue, we do our best to keep the original time of the course, the students and the lecturer, this way you can visit a course that fits your needs for years.

Are you interested in my opinion or ideas?

Yes, we are happy to hear your opinion and it is very important for us. It may not be possible to follow the wishes of every single person but we do the best we can. But what we don’t know about, we cannot change. So please, let us know.

I would like to study 2 courses in your school, can you offer me a discount?

Yes, details can be found under Discounts.

Where will I take my international exams?

These exams are never taken in language schools, but in the special institutes. Your lecturer or assistants in the office will inform you about the details. You do not need to worry about your application, we can send it for you. You can find more about this exams on the links on the left of this page.

What if I do not pass my exams?

If you attend our Callan Method courses in the required number of lessons, we will give you a written guarantee that you will pass the exams. If not, you receive a 4 month preparatory course from us for free. Here are the conditions:

  • 40 lessons and 4 Stages of the Callan Method for the Cambridge English: Key (KET)

  • 80 lessons and 6 Stages of the Callan Method for the Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET)

  • 160 lessons and 12 Stages of the Callan Method for the Cambridge English: First (FCE)

I like our lecturer and I would like them to teach me outside the language school as well, is it possible?

Lessons from our lecturers outside the school are unfortunately not possible and they would be risking sanctions themselves. If you are interested in individual lessons, please contact our office.

You didn’t find what you were looking for?

The answer to your questions was not here? Contact us, we will be happy to help.